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The importance of a well-maintained ventilation and extraction system to a commercial kitchen cannot be overstated. Not only do they provide a cooler, more comfortable environment for staff to work in, they also play a vital role in overall kitchen safety. Ventilation and extraction systems performing at optimal levels remove fumes, odours, airborne grease, smoke, steam and heat from internal areas, passing them safely outside. As a catering engineer with 21 years of trade and industry experience, we provide a wide range of repair and maintenance services that keep these systems fully operational.


Commercial Kitchen Services of York undertakes extraction and ventilation system repairs throughout the Yorkshire area, including our hometown of York, Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and Wakefield.


As your catering engineer of choice, we provide the following services:


  • Work Compliant with DW 172, DW 144, B&ES TR19 & BS EN 15780: 2011
  • Vast Experience with BS 6173-compliant Gas Interlock Systems
  • 24-Hour Emergency Callout for Around-the-Clock Peace of Mind
  • Reactive Repairs for Unexpected Accidents & Emergency Situations
  • Tailored Planned Maintenance to Suit Individual Needs & Budgets
  • Ensuring Complete Cleanliness of Ductwork & Canopies to Reduce Fire Risks


For more information regarding your own extraction and ventilation system repairs and maintenance in York, Leeds and the surrounding areas, please contact us.

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Common Ventilation System Problems


For the benefit of our clients, we have listed below some of the most common extraction and ventilation issues that our catering engineers face.


1. Poor Access Panel Setup – The law dictates that access panels must be placed within 3 feet either side of the fan, at 12 feet intervals along the length of horizontal ducts and at every change in direction the system makes. What’s more, not only should access panels be large enough to allow for easy cleaning of the ducts, they must also be grease-tight and made from the same material, and have the same thickness, as the ductwork itself.


As catering engineers, we know all too well that a system with insufficient access panels usually doesn’t measure up to the required standards for cleanliness and maintenance. Ventilation and extraction systems that forego regular checks and cleaning experience huge levels of grease and oil build-up, exposing the system to a significant fire risk.


2. Poorly Placed Grease Removal Device – Most fires in Yorkshire-based commercial kitchens come as a result of unintentional stovetop flare-ups. From a restaurant in York to a pub in Leeds, if the grease removal device has been placed too close to the heat source, one of these flare-ups has the ability to cause a fire with the kitchen exhaust hood and surrounding ductwork.


The distance between the cooking surface and the grease removal device should be at least 18 inches, or 4 feet for charcoal broilers. This ensures for optimal fire protection.


3. Faulty Motor - If the kitchen fan starts to make strange or unusually loud noises, or if the kitchen seems smokier than usual, then the kitchen fan may not be performing to its optimal standard. If the motor has difficulty in keeping the fan operational, it will eventually burn out. This usually necessitates a full replacement, one of our most common ventilation system repairs.


If the changes in your fan’s performance remain minimal at first, we still recommend calling in a catering engineer from our team for an onsite inspection at your York, Leeds or wider Yorkshire area property. The earlier we catch a problem, the easier, less disruptive and more cost-effective it is to fix.

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From minimising dangers like carbon monoxide contamination to playing a pivotal role in improving the productivity of staff, a fully functional ventilation and extraction system provides the backbone for commercial kitchens.


In order to keep your system in the best possible condition, come to Commercial Kitchen Services of York for your ventilation system repairs.


For complete kitchen functionality, we also provide extensive commercial kitchen equipment repair services.

If you’re in need of ventilation system repairs in York, Leeds or any other Yorkshire location, call 07724 308 208.

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