Catering Engineer in Leeds | Common Reasons for Commercial Kitchen Repairs

While no machine in any industry lasts forever, there will always be various ways to extend its lifespan. In our role as a catering engineer, or as specialist oven engineers, in Leeds, we utilise more than two decades of trade and industry experience. During this time, we have seen countless machinery and equipment needlessly fail. Not all breakdowns can be accounted for, of course, but diligently carrying out services like commercial oven repairs, ventilation system repairs or an extensive range of commercial kitchen equipment repair work help to prevent a significant amount.


Don’t simply see what blind chance has in store. This approach will eventually cause disruptions to your business and lead to customer dissatisfaction.


Below, we have listed some of the most common reasons for machinery failure that we have encountered in our time as oven engineers and catering engineers.


1. Poor Maintenance


Any reputable oven engineers or catering engineer has undergone comprehensive training to become an expert in their field. They know kitchen machinery inside out and can isolate and diagnose problems quickly. The work that we work carry out not only saves time and money, it also maintains, or even increases, productivity.


Taking out a service contract in order to stay ahead of possible disruptions such as commercial oven repairs and ventilation system repairs, remains one of the wisest choices a Leeds company can make.


2. Employee Negligence


This reason carries a multitude of different possibilities, but most of them stem from improper cleaning procedures or basic, yet innocent, errors. By their very nature, kitchens generate a lot of mess. In order to prolong the life of features such as stovetops, hoods and a wide range of kitchen machinery, this mess needs to be managed well.


When this isn’t the case, the chances of requiring commercial kitchen equipment repair work increase drastically.


3. Not Replacing Worn Parts


One of the main reasons behind the failures that we attend to as oven engineers and catering engineers remains the failure to replace worn out or failing components. As your chosen engineers, we recommend even the most minor kind of commercial oven repairs or ventilation system repairs in order to save potential disruption and even more costly services in the future.


By making our clients in Leeds aware of situations ahead of time, we give them the opportunity to schedule the necessary commercial kitchen equipment repair work at a time convenient to them. For example, it makes far more sense to have repairs carried out on a Monday morning than to let them fail on a Friday evening.


4. Poor Airflow and Ventilation


To use a metaphor, the ventilation and extraction systems in commercial kitchens operate like arteries in a body: they need to keep things moving, but greasy build-ups can hinder their performance.


Without adequate cleaning, the system suffers a reduction in performance levels. Not only does this make any Leeds-based kitchen uncomfortably hot and unsafe, it also puts a strain on various components. Needless to say, when the parts slip out of balance, sooner or later we have to conduct extraction and ventilation system repairs.


Our highly skilled team of oven engineers and catering engineers has the ability to swiftly recognise issues within commercial kitchens. While we can’t foresee every mechanical failure, we use our expertise to minimise the impact of commercial oven repairs, ventilation system repairs and any other type of work on service and hospitality businesses in Leeds.

To arrange a contract for ongoing commercial kitchen equipment repair work and servicing in Leeds, call 07724 308 208.

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